To all the writers and memoir lovers out there. You know how difficult it is for an up and coming writer to get noticed and have their stories read. I’m asking everyone who comes across this post to rally behind me in promoting my memoirs, SOUND OF AN ICON VOLUME 1 which begins in my native of Ghana, West Africa. My story begins in the late 70’s during the country’s most violent coup d’état in the nations history led by Flt. Lieutenant J.J. Rawlings, a soldier of Ghanaian and Scottish heritage. He rounded up former military Heads of States, several lawyers and judges and executed them by firing squad. The nation was in complete turmoil. Meanwhile, in North Kaneshie a suburb of the capital city Accra was a pregnant teenage girl(my mother) who was only 18 years of age at the time. In the Ghanaian culture being pregnant at that age was an abomination, so with a ring of fingers pointed at her she had to go through her own personal struggles into this world especially since the man responsible for her pregnancy had already immigrated overseas to the United States thanks to his brother who was then Ghana’s ambassador to the United Nations. And when informed about the pregnancy he grew distant and wanted nothing to do with his unborn child. The story gets more interesting as the volumes come along. So I would like everyone to give this book a chance. My book can be found on Amazon and there is a link here on my page that can take you there. Thanks for your time and have a blessed day.


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